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Joshua & Gabriella — Minted




Our Story

How we met;

As told by JJ,

Nothing could have prepared me for how strikingly gorgeous Gabriella was in person. With friends in common and having recently started following her on social media, I was stunned to see her in the cafe. She made a regular habit visiting her best friend and my coworker, Emily.

Having memorized her coffee order in those initial visits, she suddenly began coming more and more frequently. We began to bypass the shallow niceties to have brief, but meaningful, conversations across the counter. I’ll never underestimate the power of those early 120 seconds, exchanging glances and witty jokes.

I began to anticipate and look forward to this routine and then she surprised me by breaking the customer-client barrier and asking me out!

An oversight on my part, I took 5 days to respond. And when I did, she had already made plans for that evening.

But as fate allowed, I was able to take Gabriella for her first visit to Vesuvio, one of the oldest bars in North Beach. In her ultra-direct manner, the moment we sat down she asked for an explanation on the 5 day delay. I appreciated her intensity and knew she was owed an apology. I assured her it wasn't because of lack of interest.

I was determined to make it up to her.

As the night went on, she warmed up to me as I made her laugh and unveiled my heart. By the time we took a bench at Comstock, she was around my arm.

We ended that first date with a 12 AM bite at Hawaii West, her late night haunt. I didn’t want the night to end. With assurances she would come to a party I was hosting the following weekend, I felt confident we’d have another opportunity to see where the spark would lead.

The anticipation in the days leading up to my party was immense and we've been inseparable ever since.

As told by GG,

As was my single-girl-livin-in-a-big-city weekend ritual, I was hiking over SF's massive hills to grab a single origin cappuccino from my best friend Emily, who was working at Saint Frank's at the time. As I approached the doorway my shoulder brushed up against someone. Looking up to apologize, I meet a pair of eyes the same shade as mine. I instantly recognize this gentleman as the one who added me on Instagram last month and Emily had said, even prior to that, she thinks we'd really get along. He looks at me with a soft smile and gently says "excuse me" as he makes his way to the back of the shop. I rush the counter.

"You didn't tell me he was so cute!" I say to Emily

"I told you you'd like him!" she quickly retorts

And from there, I was set on knowing this kind-eyed-not-so-stranger. So we devise a plan. Every new schedule that comes out, Emily would send to me and I will "just happen" to show up on Josh's shift. For three weeks, I dropped in twice a week.

Growing impatient, wondering why this guy hasn't asked me out already, I decide to ask him out, with a slip in the DM. He responds right away saying "that sounds lovely" and the next day I make one more "drop in" at the shop.

"Let me know what times work for you" I say to Josh, "I will" He responds. And then I hear nothing from him for FIVE DAYS.

The now infamous FIVE DAYS Josh will never live down.

Eventually, He does get back to me and we have the most perfect, quintessential, North Beach date. Little did we know, we'd recreate that first date years later for our engagement pictures and marry there the following spring <3

Some of our earliest memories together...

The Proposal;

As told by JJ,

I’m sure it wasn’t a complete surprise to Gabriella. We had designed her ring together and I told her to get her nails done just days ahead. But, I had a plan.

I wanted to take her to a beach we pass on the 1 regularly as we drive down to Santa Cruz. The same place we impromptu spent my birthday the year prior. I had told myself I would come here again, to hopefully make her mine one day.

The day began itself simply, a routine walk around Washington Square park with Coffee Movement in hand. A dinner to look forward to with her parents. (An excuse to make that drive down a little early.)

Champagne in tow, we made our way down the highway. A quick pit stop for some beachside snacks for good measure. However, the butterflies in my stomach didn’t leave room for much of an appetite.

Approaching the beach with every winding turn, time felt still but my heart was at peace. Feelings of clarity as the rays of sun reflect through the windshield and light onto Gabriella’s face. My heart started to dance in my chest as we got closer.

Pulling into Pomponio state beach, making our way down to pick a spot. I couldn’t withhold my excitement. Before we could get settled, I was on one knee.

My best fried Cris was incognito in a borrowed car and a telephoto lens to capture the moment. Later he walked down to take some shots and capture our elation.

Phone calls on the ride back, there was no dinner with the folks but a surprise party in the back of Bar Iris. Friends and family all gathered who had travelled, waiting to celebrate. A night we will never forget.

As told by GG,

It was Sunday March 26th, 2023, the year anniversary of our first kiss. We woke up and made our way to the coffee shop across the street and then down to Washington Square park to soak up some sunshine.

On our way back, Josh asked if I wanted to go down highway one and have a beach picnic and I said heck yeah! When I saw him packing champagne in our basket, I knew something was up.

As we drove down the coast I noticed him looking around everywhere and felt myself growing hangry. We pulled over to pickup sandwiches at one of my favorite local spots and then went back on the road. He was set on going to the beach we went to on his first birthday we spent together.Sandwich in my lap, I grew hungrier and grumpier. When we finally arrive to the beach I am ready to dart to the sand and set up our picnic right away. I see Josh scanning the beach, looking for the perfect spot and pretty much immediately when our feet touches sands he grabs my hand and says "Gabriella, I don't want to eat another meal without asking you this question...".

My heart flutters as he makes his way to one knee and reminisces on our relationship.

He pulls out the ring we designed together, months before, and I see it in person for the very first time. It was the easiest and most natural yes of my life.

Josh's friend Cris comes out of hiding with his camera and we make our way, champagne in tow, to our final picnic destination.

I totally forget about my sandwich and never end up eating because I was so excited haha.

Later, we make our way back to Sf and begin FaceTiming everyone we love, little did I know they were all waiting for us at our favorite cocktail lounge and we celebrated and cried the night away. :)


JJ & GG live happily in a studio apartment above the cable car tracks, making up songs & playing with our kitten Spookie. Gabriella manages a restaurant in Hayes Valley and Joshua works in fine dining while getting his own small business, Better Half Coffee, off the ground! Our lives are centered around food, friends, coffee, and soaking up as much sunshine as possible. The rituals we once held separately are now & forever, harmoniously intertwined.